Sunday, February 23, 2014

"No She Wasn't Raped"

Libyan TV Response To Rape Allegations of Eman El-Obeidi .

Transcript of Libyan TV's Hala Misrati's commentary on Eman Al-Obeidi's rape allegations.

Best line: "Even the whore has a feeling of nationalism towards her homeland whe she knows it's in danger. Even the whore!"

My translation precedes the video.

- - - -

"Dear viewers, welcome to our show Libya Today

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay and on behalf myself and of my colleagues at the channel. This lateness isn't intentional, we were late because we were with Mrs. Eman Al-Obeidi, who today caused a whirlwind and confusion.

She tried to worry us and cause a stir for reasons known only to herself.

We went to see Eman today, and we saw that "sister" Eman was being treated very well, in the Directorate of General Security.

We tried to speak with sister Eman, to see what her story is about.

Why Eman went about talking the way she did and why she tried to speak badly about Qaddafi's brigades who allegedly raped her.

She went as far as mentioning the names of specific people.

I would like to speak about the details of Eman's allegations in more detail, specifically for the sake of those following our broadcast from outside Libya.

Eman thinks that she undertook a heroic feat today.

She thinks this is part of Jihad and resistance, and that she will enter the history books as a modern day Sana'a Mehaidli or Djamila Bouhired.

But she will remain merely "Eman" and she doesn't even represent the Obeidi tribe.

Actually, her surname isn't even El-Obeidi.

I assume that the Obeidi tribe, this honorable, free tribe; when they know Eman's history well, they will dissasociate themselves from her. Even if she truly happens to have kinship ties to that tribe from afar.

I would like to apologize to Eman's family because I shall discuss things in full honestly. We shall say everything, as it happened. And I'm used to saying the truth. Whether it pertains to other things or personal issues of mine.

I got a phonecall saying there's a girl who showed up the Rixos Hotel and claimed she was raped in front of journalists.

I told them, what is asked of me.

They said that they would like me to go meet her and talk to her as a woman.

I thought that this is not a correspondant's job, so I declined for a simple reason:

From a psychological point of view. Any person who has studied psychology knows that any girl who experiences any kind of rape, it is impossible for that girl to have such a spontaneous reaction. These aren't my words, this is psychology. Psychologists and researchers in that field know these things. This is known in our Eastern cultures, when a girl is raped, no girl has a reaction so quickly and in front of the press.

The fact that she went up to the press and alleged she was raped isn't the issue. Let us talk about the girls who got raped in many areas in Eastern Libya; in Ras Lanuf, Ajdabiya, BinJawad and Sirte. In Sirte today , I wish people would go see for themselves the families that are taking their (raped) daughters to have pregnancy tests.

This is what is happening. And despite that, those families would die a thousand deaths before allowing this news to be known.

Why because we're warm-blooded and honorable. Because we're Libyans, and Arabs and Bedouin.

We do not reveal such things about our daughters. In fact a (raped) girl would suppress her feelings and get depressed. The family would wail and the mother would be stricken with a heart attack and go into a coma. All of that and they would still not spread the news about their daughter's rape.

And with time they may even kill the girl herself.

I'm talking today about all the Libyan tribes. About El-Obeidat, El-Bura'assa, and our tribes in Ajdabiya. These are our ethics as Libyans. This is the free Libyan.

But then a girl appears in all obnoxiousness and alleges she was raped by Qaddafi's brigades and sheds crocodile tears and makes a story out of it.

In any case, what she's alleging is being reported by Al-Khanzeera channel (Al-Jazeera being insulted by being associated with khanzeer or pig). Reported according to the despicable discourse that is being broadcast by news channels, opposition and outsiders. Those who have interests in Libya and who think they have leaders and who are misleading some Libyan youth.

I would like to go back to Eman's story.

As I said I received a call to meet her and I refused. This is a legal procedural issue and is of no business of ours. This isn't an issue for correspondents or journalists.

Nevertheless, I got a second call, insisting I would meet her saying this girl has a story behind her.

I said: If this girl is oppressed I will talk about her and ask for the interrogation and prosecution everyone who is causing confusion at this time. Even if she doesn't know who that person is.

In Libya, we are all subject to the same law. Especially in these times.

Noone is above the law regardless of connections or kinship.

We are all subject to the same law.

I put my trust in God and we went to see Eman.

Eman adamantly refused to meet with any Libyan channel.

I said let's talk to her without cameras. I went and tried to meet with her and told her we will not be filming her. This was said, and we have witnesses who you will see tomorrow, not today. Because we have a long story to report on and we will tell you how we filmed Eman.

I came and told her, Eman I don't want to film you. You are free, we are not coming to deny you your story. Just tell us the truth. Why did you behave in this way?

She then insulted me in colourful language.

All of this despite asking to talk to her girl-to-girl without cameras. "We will assure you get your rights." I told her.

She then insulted the Libyan channel and said Al Jazeera and Al Arabiyya are better channels and that the Libyan channel doesn't report adequately and so on.

She then insulted me personally, despite her sister telling me later that she has never heard of me and doesn't follow my show.

Her sister then came.

I then asked the Libyan film crew to film Eman as she was saying that she refused to be filmed by the Libyan channel.

Here we were a Libyan channel asking you to tell us the story and may we embarass the official or son of the official reponsible for your rape. If he truly raped you he shall be judged. We shall prove that we have transparency and credibility.

We brought the cameras and asked her to speak and she responded with insults.

Eman in the end is a liar.

I told her that because of her Libya was lost.

We tried again and again and she refused to speak to Libyan channels.

Bring me Al Jazeera or Al Arabiyya she said.

We are not against her appearing in either Al Jazeera or Al Arabiyya. Who is she anyway this Eman El-Obeidi who's not really a Obeidi in either her personal ID or her passport.

There are people calling the channel now asking us to dig up her history.

Even the whore has a feeling of nationalism towards her homeland whe she knows it's in danger. Even the whore!

We tried again and again and she refused to speak to Libyan channels.

Then came Eman's sister. And we told the sister that if Eman has psychological issues and she wants to become a hero this isn't the time for lies and false allegations.

Her sister says she understands the situation and that she will work with Ibrahim Ali. She said that Ibrahim Ali helped her and her family. Her sister was an employee in the intelligence services, said that Ibrahim Ali spent 60,000 on her father's medical treatment.

Her sister Amal El-Obeidi said that they are not truly El-Obeidis but that they belong to the Obeidat tribe.

Her sister said Eman is apprently influenced by others. That she doesn't like to watch Libyan channels. She only watches Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya and that she has connections with people in London such as her brother's wife in London.

Where she is held right now her sister and other people there will attest that she is being treated very well and despite that she is still screaming, cursing and making a scene.

In the investigation, they said, that since she was raped, the first normal undertaking would be to get the opinion of a medical examiner. She said her state of mind doesn't allow her to see a psychologist.

Yet her state of mind allowed her to go to the Rixos Hotel and make allegations?

She can undress in front of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiyya yet she can't even speak to our channel?

In any case, tomorrow, what Eman doesn't know is that she was filmed without her knowledge.

We did the work of the hidden camera today, in order to reveal the truth.

Eman was filmed with a hidden camera while she was talking with the warden and sister.

Forgive me Amal El-Obeidi. Your sister has sold out her homeland.

She sold out the Libyan people.

When we told her the Libyan people are being subjected to bombardment she responded: "It's not my problem"

Let the Libyan people witness that Eman El-Obeidi who has been influenced doesn't care except for her interests and the interests of her boyfriend or her friends.

Today we will get justice for the Libyan people.

From the Libyan channel tomorrow, it's a promise from me to all the free people of Libya and the honorable, and to the free Obeidat tribe that will not accept.

You will see the true Eman.

Without beatings or torture, speaking to a warden and sister and saying the truth.

Truly this is a regrettable thing."


Anonymous said...

Scary. Thanks for the translation. By the way, why did you stop translating directly on the video? (It's nice to be able to follow the facial expressions while reading the text.)

Nizo said...

Because it's exhausting.. I have to create an annotation for each and every sentence.. If someone credits my translation and uses it to annotate the video be my guest, but I simply don't have the time for annotations when videos are this long.

Anonymous said...


No wonder you at least once considered becoming a Jew...we are a mess...but you guys make us look utterly sane.

But you can change religions, but not your good luck.

Oh...and my poetry...Omar Khayamisque with a bit of LA rap would you say?

Nizo said...

"No wonder you at least once considered becoming a Jew..."

And give up bacon and shellfish? By Allah no!

Yermi said...

thank you very much for the translation. it was a very interesting read, and insight into your culture.

Hassan I said...

This is the first time I read through your blog! It's brilliant!

Mariam said...

Thank you for this. It was quite good reading it away from the presenter. In reading it on it's own I kept picturing Saif (Gadaffi's son) saying it. It is exactly the way he speaks. Just put the evil laugh in at the end and there's no difference. These are his words.

Anonymous said...


If you are reading warned. We rip at each other with huge volumes of sarcasm. Some folks get a bit thin skinned about it. But it is a hell of a good laugh...just be prepared to laugh at yourself.

Read some of the old stuff if you have not already. I have learned a of only a couple of blogs I visit.

So you enjoy Liza Manelli?

David All said...

Here is the latest, Eman's family says she is being held hostage at Qaddafi's compound in Tripoli. Link to story at

Could not read more than halfway thru this rant because the hate filled rhetoric made me sick to my stomach. Hope people remember this evil. Thanks, Nizo for translating and posting both this and the beautiful love poem in the previous post.

Maya M said...

Thanks from me also, Nizo, for translating and posting this jewel for us to read!
I just failed to understand the bit about Sirte - as far as I know, opposition forces have never advanced into Sirte deep enough to have access to local women, have they?

Hassan I said...

Thank you for the heads up Anonymous!! I figured as much, just wish I had a better sense of humour to join in the fun :D

Liza Manelli?? meh... I'm ore like Edith Piaf!

Nizo said...

This isn't a blog for the faint of heart. Some posts here are pretty hairy.

I would take whatever this presenter says with a grain of salt..

Thanks for the link, I hope she survives all of this.

Let's just say this is an element of the culture we can all do without.

Hassan I said...

I survived your erotic poetry! nuff said ;)

Anonymous said...

What word is she using for
'whore"? I couldn't make it out. I was expecting to hear 'sharmouta,' but I guess there are other synonyms.

Nizo said...

Sharmoota is street language not TV language! Word is 'ahera

Anonymous said...

Any other words with the same root?

Anonymous said...

Quoting Nizos Blog...

Zendette said...

Another big thank you for posting this. I couldn't read all of it because it was just too disgustingly inane. Our country has many problems, but at least we've started putting even presidents away for rape.
May Gaddafi burn in the hell he's created for so many others.

Nizo said...

Zendette, I don't think hell strarted or will end with Qaddafi. There are cultural issues that go deeper than Qaddafi, at least when we talk about the reaction to this rape. To think that Qaddafi was keeping the Libyans from turning their country into one big Champs Elysées is a fallacy. The same is true of Mubarak's Egypt. Their issues (especially harrassment of women) will not simply evaporate now that he's in Sharm.

Maya M said...

Yeah, but it is one thing if you have honor crimes in a patriarchal culture, and another thing if you not only have them but speak of them as if they are something admirable, as this 'ahera Hala does!

Nizo said...

It's all related. This is a regime and cultural problem, but that regime wasn't dropped by some aliens, it's part and parcel of this culture.