Sunday, February 23, 2014

Erdogan, Your Fury Shook the Jews!

The Falastinian beoble took a brief break from munching on Erdogan's Shish-Kabab in order to write him this song.

Translation below is my own.
Erdogan, Erdogan
A greeting from among the ruins of Gaza,
We praise this hero, Erdogan
Oh Arabs, oh Arabs shame on you
Enough Sleep!
We don't have a leader today other than Erdogan
Erdogan, Erdogan,
Your fury shook creation
Your fury shook the Jews and their criminal state
He shook the criminal state
While the Arabs are drunk and asleep
Oh Turkey oh Islam, your pride is Erdogan
Oh Arabs, have you no shame?
Erdogan trumped the enemy
While you are asking for peace
Enough stupidity and naïveté

Erdogan you are the decision-maker
Oh song of the revolution
You reject the killing of children
Oh frustrater of the occupation