Sunday, February 23, 2014

Don't Fuck With Hala Misrati

Libyan TV pscyho-villain Hala Misrati strikes again.

After calling Eman El-Obeidi a whore she goes on to grill Rana, a Libyan reporter of Syrian origin, on her "lax" reporting. The conversation is reminiscent of a shark going around its prey, hitting, nibbling on it, bit by bit.

I only translated video 1 of 4. The interesting bits are near the end.

Priceless line: "Sometimes one has delusions or fantasies in one's head. One sees things that do not exist in reality. When you express those delusions of yours even if unconsciously you spread rumours and falsehood. For these untruths, we are paying the price, through bombardment. Because of the untruths you've spread we will have battleships invading Libya."

Rana: I have two bachelor's degrees, one in computer science and one from a military academy. I have resigned from the army in 2005 and I now work in the media institute.

Hala: Which media institute?

Rana: I used to work at Al Ghad Media Services for Libya Press News Agency, and now I work in the cultural segment of Al-Shams Newspaper.

Hala: Only?

Rana: aha (yes)

Hala: What does the homeland mean to you?

Rana: The situation in Libya?

Hala: No, the homeland

Rana: The homeland means a lot to me

Hala: A lot to you? What does Syria mean to you?

Rana: It means a lot. But Libya means a lot to me too.

Hala: I didn't ask you about Libya, I asked you about Syria.

Rana: (Syria) is my homeland, my affiliation

Hala: What does the homeland mean to you, give me a useful sentence.

Rana: A homeland is where I lived and nurtured memories and friendships. It's the land linked to specific memories and a history.

Hala: Only that?

Rana: Of course

Hala: So it's about friends, a period of one's life

Rana: Of course. The homeland is history

Hala: History? History and linked to friends.

Rana: Yes, linked to different phases in one's life

Hala: What do you know about Libya?

Rana: I lived all my life in Libya

Hala: What do you know about Libya? About its people, especially that you can differentiate between the accents of its East and West.

Rana: I know a lot about Libya, like any Libyan national

Hala: What do you know about Libya? There are even Libyan nationals who don't know about Libya. Talk to us about Libya.

Rana: Libya has really good people, with a great society.

Hala: Talk to us about Libya, what do you know about Libya

Rana: Isn't Libya its people?

Hala: Libya cannot be reduced to a mere person or people, talk to us about Libya. As a history, as civilizations, as years and centuries gone by.

Rana: I know a lot about Libya, from the days of the Garamantes civilization and beyond.

Hala: hmm.. good (sarcastically)

Rana: I know it's one of the oldest civilizations. I also know that it faced the ugliest of colonisations, that of the Italians. And it defeated it.

Hala: You know about the Italian colonisation?


Rana: of course and I know how they defeated it

Hala: How did they?

Rana: They defeated it with their bravery

Hala: You know that the Italians are wrong when they say that before them there was nothing in Libya. Did you know there were experts in economics who said Libya has the potential to have the strongest economy in the Northern Hemisphere?

Rana: No I didn't know that.

Hala: Do you know about the economics of oil?

Rana: Of course

Hala: Why do you think people defend Libya?

Rana: They defend their land.

Hala: So the land is precious and must be sacrificed for

Rana: Of course

Hala: So why is it that when you deal with Libyan issues you don't deal with it as a Libyan who knows Libya?

Rana: I don't view myself as an outsider

Hala: Whether you say you're an insider or outsider,

by you having lived here for 20 years you're one of our daughters.

Rana: I do view myself as an insider

Hala: So you feel with Libya? You lived in both East and West and saw how much we love each other. You've see the cohesion between East and West.

Rana: It shall never fragmented

Hala: You can go out by yourself and drive your car to the East without anyone stopping you. Then came the events of the 17th of February. Even with that you can still drive your car to the East by yourself.

Rana: These events represent a temporary stage.

Hala: How so?

Rana: It will end in stability, in some way or form.

Hala: I came to talk to you today to understand how you think. We have received many calls and messages asking why you defend the opposition. Yes you may be in the opposition, but surely you cannot be opposed to (national) symbols, or against Libya?

Rana: You need to understand that I lived all my life in the Eastern region. All the people I know in the Eastern region are members of the events (euphemism for rebellion).

Hala: Excuse me, let us not generalize (that all Eastern Libyans are part of the rebellion)

Rana: Let me tell you something, I want to get my point across. The point I want to make is that when you reported certain things on TV, there were people in the Eastern region who disagreed with you. This I know from having spoken to people involved in the events.

Hala: My discussion with you today revolves around your reports. Tell me, did you go to bed hungry a single night in Tripoli?

Rana: No, did I say I went to bed hungry?

Hala: Did you spend a day without having your cell phone active? Did you find a single closed supermarket?

Rana: Yes, sometimes the supermarket was closed

Hala: sometimes, but supermarkets close (at night) even in regular circumstances.

Rana: There was a bread shortage, some suffered by not being able to acquire bread.

Hala: Did you go to bed hungry? Did you not find bread?

Rana: No, thankfully. Perhaps only in the first few days of the events, but then things were OK

Hala: We are now directing this discussion to all people in Tripoli. You are now lying to all people living in Tripoli. There may have been a bread crisis but not to the point of you not finding bread to eat.

Rana: In the beginning, people needed to show up really early to get bread and sometimes having to line up for long hours.

Hala: Considering the events, this wasn't so bad. In the end you never went hungry.

Rana: No I didn't go hungry.

Hala: When you were talking to outside media agencies, you gave them the impression we had a food crisis and stores were closed.

Rana: During a certain period this was true .

Hala: The things you allege are documented and available. Your allegation that communications were unavailable. How could that be when your cell account was always kept active by the Libyan government?

Rana: I did have an active account but the network was down in the beginning of the events.

Hala: The network wasn't down, there was a lot of usage. You were calling during that time and talking to your friends. There was heavy volume and sometimes we had to call 4 or 5 times to get the number, but it isn't true what you allege, that telecommunications were down.

Rana: All I said was that there was a crisis in the telecommunications.

Hala: Sometimes one has delusions or fantasies in one's head. One sees things that do not exist in
reality. When you express those delusions of yours even if unconsciously you spread rumours and falsehood. For these untruths, we are paying the price, through bombardment. Because of the untruths you've spread we will have battleships invading Libya.

Rana: All people changed their positions after the NATO airstrikes. There was a feeling among people that this shouldn't have happened.

Hala: Let's talk in full honesty with each other. I don't know you at a personal level. But we happen to know the same people and have some friends in common.

By virtue of having friends in common, I will consider you a friend, and I will call to your conscience and sense of humanity.

Rana: Among the friends we have in common, I have come to worry for the safety of some of these people after the events. There were many things that we didn't know before.

Hala: Like what?

Rana: We didn't know that there were weapons in the Eastern region.

Hala: You didn't know there weren't weapons in the East and in Zawiya?

Rana: No I didn't know. The first demos in Zawiya were peaceful, since the 19th of February.

Hala: How would you describe a peaceful demo?

Rana: Demonstrators went out in the streets and said "With our spirit and blood we shall redeem you oh Benghazi" and there was no blood spilled.

Hala: How would you describe a peaceful demo? Didn't you know that there were always demonstrations in Benghazi?

Rana: No, I disagree (demos aren't a normal occurrence in Benghazi)

Hala: In any case, Rana, if perhaps you never followed the news I will tell you that there were always demonstrations in Benghazi supporting their country.

Rana: Ok, perhaps since 2007.Even in Tripoli.

Hala: Yes, there were demonstations in Buslim, and despite people verbally attacking national symbols, no body hurt them. Why? Because those truly were peaceful demonstrations.

Rana: Things in the world have changed

Hala: Things have changed only in your head. The world is still the world. The world is operating against us with its security apparatuses, plotting how to occupy us and destroy us. That's the world. We are viewed as the weak and defenceless nation and we don't have a reason to exist. That's the world. This is what they're doing to the Libyans you love. You have recklessly contributed to the bombardment of the people you love.

Rana: I brought this bombardment upon us?

Hala: Yes, you and those who think like you.

Rana: There's a difference between a person who holds a certain conviction..

- Hala cuts her off -

Hala: What is your conviction? For you to feel that Libya will be better off when the leader steps down?

Rana: You know that all people have certain basic livelyhood demands. If you had to see Benghazi and people who live in the slums..(houses with tin roofs) There are people in Benghazi living in slums after having had their houses demolished .

Hala: You have information about this? We have good building compounds.

Rana: They're all under construction.

Hala: No they're not.When was the last time you went to Benghazi?

Rana: 2 years ago

Hala: Surely when we're talking about Benghazi we're not talking about a regressive and unsightly city.

Rana: There are clearly visible class distinctions.

Hala: It doesn't matter, even Tripoli has visible class distinctions.

Rana: Yes, even Tripoli. All I did was talk about people's basic livelyhood demands.

Hala: Your talk about basic livelyhood demands will bring us an occupation.

Rana: The situation went out of control.

Hala: the demanda you talk about is something we Libyans have been calling for in the past.

Rana: I told you I do not view myself as an outsider.

Hala: It doesn't matter what you consider yourself to be you are a Syrian citizen. Your recorded conversations attest that you're not Libyan.

Rana: I don't know Syria

Hala: What is your relationship to the events of 17th February and why do you defend these events?

Rana: We were encouraged by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and we wished for the change to come here.

Hala: What change? specify

Rana: Change for the better

Hala: Specify what change, like you do in your recordings. Say so that people can hear you.

Rana: For us to become a country with institutions

Hala: Answer my question! Be brave like you are on your recordings. As if you're in the US, that democratic country.

Rana: I wanted the regime to change (from 2nd video)


Anonymous said...

Good Lawd Nizo....

That's a lot of work you put in. When do you have time for knitting and getting your nails done?

Nizo said...

I was stuck at home waiting for contractors to come by and give me quotes for paving my driveway. Why they're all Italians only Allah knows. Did the Italians invent asphalt?

Hey Howie, you want to fund my driveway paving project? What's a $6000 for you, you make that in a day. Send me the money and I promise to yodel in your valley until you thrash about in ecstacy with reckless abandon.

Anonymous said...


No problem...I will send you the check on the day Arabs stop using hyperbole.

Yodel in my valley? Bring your machete to cut your way through the jungle to get in...probably mosquito repellent...and then the wrinkle cream. Forget it...neither of us would like it. I will just take the deeds to all your family's property in...ah...Palestine.

Amit said...

She's horrid. Why did that poor Rana agreed to go on with the investigation?

Nizo said...

Amit said...
She's horrid. Why did that poor Rana agreed to go on with the investigation?

I don't think Qaddafi's regime gives you a choice to agree or disagree ya habibi.

David All said...

Nizo, that Hala woman is absolutely horrid. Poor Rina having no choice but to go through with her ordeal of being verbally abused and tortued. Hala Misrati is the Arab version of the Wicked Witch of the East!

Nizo, yes we Italians not only invented asphalt, but concrete as well! (note of sinister music) (joke) There are a lot of Italians in Ontario and Quebec dating back to the 1920s when quotas cut off large scale immigration from Europe to the U.S., especially from Eastern & Southern Europe. Italians barred from the US started arriving in Canada and have been doing so every since. My mom discovered about 15 years ago that she had a branch of he family in Ontario and has been going to their family reunions in London, Ontario in July ever since.

Thanks, Nizo for posting that beautiful love song in the post above this. I enjoyed that a lot.

Nizo said...


She's horrid, but admit that she's sexy, especially with the gun holster.

Thanks for the history lesson, I went out with an Italian and I didn't know all of this.

Maya M said...

Thank you for the translation! What a bitch.
I am not to judge whether she is sexy, but one YouTube commenter wrote, "Hala Misrati THE WHORE, THE PIECE OF SHIT who nobody would want to f*** even (if) offered for free."
Have you any idea whether she's married?

Anonymous said...

What a Loud mouth Liar Hala is!!! Rana wants better change for people and you agree with witch woman??? What a sick Jelous Woman!! She is sooooo Jelous of Rana!! She couldn't come up with any great story, just to ask dumb pointless questions!! She's ugly and a disgusting wanna be Rana!! I think most people know who is delusional!! HALA is!!! She can't even get a real story, just cover something that's already been covered!! What a big woman she is to interegate!! Come interegate here Misrati!!!! I'll give ya a big ass headline!!! You scared Woman!!! I Hope BIG ASS Battleships blow you away!!!

Anonymous said...

Rana agreed to the report because she has nothing to hide!! Misrati Wanted something to get her in further than what she really was!! I assume she did it because her ugly witch ass face is all over the news!! RANA is a 100x greater reporter than MISRATI!! She will reap what she sews!!! Believe that!!

Anonymous said...

She is not sexy!! She is a FAT UGLY COW!! And her little pocket protecting holster looks like she's hiding behind it!! Her face looks nothing more like a witch than I have ever seen!!!

Anonymous said...

Surprise @HalaMisrati is on Twitter! And she's a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Rana is missing... do you know anything about it? Have you been keeping up?

Maya M said...

Yesterday, Columbia Daily Tribune featured Hala Misrati in an article titled Gadhafi's fierce defencer :
It reports that Rana "has since disappeared".