Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Bedouin, his pick-up named "gerbil", and a dead Hyena.

In this video, a Saudi Bedouin composes a poem on the fly in honour of his pick-up truck, which he affectionately names "gerbil". The hyena - that he just ate, isn't laughing.

Translation courtesy of yours truly:

"In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

Here's the female Hyena, a gift from Allah. I slaughtered her yesterday at dusk. Today I'm eating her for lunch. Here's the pot, and the bread, naturally. And here's the gerbil (nickname for his pickup truck), it's advanced in age, but I'm content with it. It deserves its own poem of praise:

I shall say that with this gerbil I'm contented
It helps me reach homes that for others are unreachable
If one were to buy a newer model
One would not be able to travel the steeper trails
One's trip would be fraught with difficulties
And as a result one would miss out on invitations in inaccessible places
But with my gerbil, all becomes accessible
He's a loyal brother and serves me well.

Many poems like this one I have for him and he deserves all of them.

So now back to this hyena, a gift from Allah. Here's her meat, and her head. Ooooh, look at that head. Long live he who enjoyed you and your mother as a meal. Praise Allah, look at that meat."


Karen said...

Okay, so hyena is eaten in the middle east? That's disgusting (but so are rabbit and octopus to me). I'll stick with chicken, tofu, fruits, veggies grains tuna and chocolate of course. I couldn't even watch the video. What is he going to do with the fur? Make a hat? Uchhh.

Welcome back, by the way. Sorry about you and your boyfriend :-(

Nizo said...

Don't be sorry for me, it's for the best. He was jealous of everything and everyone.. including a 66 year old female friend.. for God's sake..

As for the hyena, it's a bedouin thing, they'll even eat lizard..

Nobody said...

Welcome back here too. By the way, sorry about the hyena

Anonymous said...

I dont know, I just find it hilarious that this dude has a phone with a camera and he's recording this shit like he's about to upload it on youtube !!

Nizo, I swear to god I mean this in the most respectable sense,- its always intrigued me that you a gay Palestinian living in Canada can translate the Bedouin dialect so well.

I mention gay Palestinian living in Canada because if you ask any “Arab” - someone like that would be the last person to translate Saudi into English, if you know what I mean. Because, well you're gay. And live in Canada. Not Saudi sense gay, but like gay, you know, New York gay. Like with rights and shit. So you must have sold your ethnicity. It doesn’t make sense that you translate proper Bedawy to English. Why you are confusing us ya man ?!

Lirun said...

reminds me of an old australian tv show that i used to watch as a kid a la mid east

Nizo said...

Anon said:
" Because, well you're gay. And live in Canada. Not Saudi sense gay, but like gay, you know, New York gay. Like with rights and shit. So you must have sold your ethnicity."

For me to sell my ethnicity, there should be a buyer. Nobody wants to buy it, so I keep it :) El man7oos man7oos 7ata law 3ala2oolo 3ala zobro fanous

As for the translation, there's a simple explanation for that, I lived in the Gulf for a while, so I'm familiar with these accents. What's indecipherable for me is anything west of Alexandria.. May a piano fall on me if I understand what those North Africans are talking about. Malayalam is more intelligible.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"It helps me reach homes that for others are unreachable"

Lot of meanings there, taking into account "gerbil"...

Rebecca said...

Do you know Malayalam? (And how do you know it, if you do?)

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