Friday, February 25, 2011

Gaza's Libyans Hang Lanterns From Penises

There are Libyans living as refugees in Gaza.

Nothing describes this situation better than this vulgar variant of an Arabic proverb:

The unlucky one remains unlucky even if they hang a lantern from the head of his penis.

المنحوس منحوس ولو علقوا على راس أيره فانوس

Here's a video on the topic from Lebanon's Al-Jadeed channel with my translation below.

News Anchor:

In Palestine, they hope for Qaddafi's fall, so that they can return to Libya, after having been forced by Qaddafi to cut ties with their homeland. Mohammed Al Madhoun reports from Gaza.

This man, in the Gaza Strip, is a descendant of the Libyan "Ferjaan" tribe. Not only is it an unusual situation, but it is compounded by the fact that he is merely one among two thousand Libyans living in the Strip.

We went to his home, where we found members of several Libyan families following the events in their homeland and attempting to communicate via telephone with their relatives (in Libya).

The story of these Libyans goes back to the days of their forefathers who arrived in Palestine in order to fight colonialism. Having settled in Palestine, they were eventually deprived, by Qaddafi's mercurial moods, from the regaining of their citizenship.

They conserve to this day, documents from their fathers proving their Libyanness, should they one day return to their homeland.

Libyan Palestinian:

We find ourselves here as a result of our parent's immigration to Palestine in order to fight against the British and Israelis.

There are currently between two and three thousand people belonging to families of Libyan origins. They hail from the "Ferjaani", "Ajeili", "Bar'asi", "Targhouni" tribes and others.

Reporter: Libyans like these have integrated in Palestinian society and shared in its joys and disappointments. However, they are now reviving their primary affiliation, and watching the people they belong to rebelling against the leader who deprived them of their return.

Second Libyan-Palestinian:
We were pained to see Israel's attack on Gaza, but even more so when watching a leader attack his own people.

Their fate is tied to Qaddafi's demise more so than any body else. He viewed their return as a red-line not to be crossed, despite welcoming Libyan Jews back to his country.

Third Libyan-Palestinian:
Qaddafi told the Israelis in an overt manner - "return to your homeland, Libya. We will provide you with everything you may need." All while, we Libyan families on Palestinian land are denied this same privilege.

We have met several delegations who had entered Gaza through the convoys. We were told that the story of Libyans in Gaza cannot be discussed.

Nothing remains for these Libyans except memories, and the hope that their people's revolution would allow them to reestablish a link broken over forty years ago.

One of the virtues of the Libyan revolution is the Palestinians discovering there are Libyans living among them. Libyans who were exiled on the grounds that their fathers arrived here forty years ago without the permission of their country's leader.


Karen said...

They have been there that long and they are still Libyans. They weren't able to integrate into another Arab "tribe" ? Well it seems like they kept their Libyaness to themselves until Gaddafi's impending fall from power.

Nizo said...

Karen.. There are a lot of holes in the story:

1-All those interviewed speak Gazan Arabic.. no Libyan accent.. even when the guy calls his female relative in Libya he doesn't sound Libyan at all.

2-When they arrive there? 40 years ago? There were no British in Palestine back then.

3-At the end of the story they reveal that their fathers came to Palestine without Qaddafi's permission, where they islamists? perhaps exiled? No word on that..

I don't know, but they seem to be a bunch of people looking for a way out of Gaza.. they can't be blamed of course..

Anonymous said...


"I don't know, but they seem to be a bunch of people looking for a way out of Gaza.. they can't be blamed of course.." to someplace nice, secure and bomb Libya. :)

Nizo said...

Howie.. Look at how these people are living in Gaza, libya can only be better.. when I saw that tv they're watching I sunk into a depression.. who has the old generation tv's these days? I would wish for an IAF airstrike just to force them to switch to HD.

Nizo said...

Hey Howie, I'm having a Serbian for dinner.. A Palestinian and a Serb now that will get explosive..

Anonymous said...

skoro gaza ebat israel bydet

Nobody said...

I believe the story is real. Their fathers came to fight here at some point before the war of (our) independence. This is why they speak as Gazans. That it was 40 years ago and without Gaddafi's permission are the reporter's elaborations. He seems totally lost with dates and the historic timeline.

Anonymous said...


You want explosive? Try a Mexican...right after a burrito feast.

I hope this is true love for you this time...

Tell Susanic I send regards.

Nizo said...

Discussion between Nobody and I from another forum:

Nobody I believe the story is real. Their fathers came to fight here at some point before the war of (our) independence. This is why they speak as Gazans. That it was 40 years ago and without Gaddafi's permission is the reporter's elaborations who seems totally lost with dates and the historic timeline.

Nizo I just paused on minute 1:07 and read the document.. it says that the forefather Mansour Al-Amari was born in 1875 and immigrated to Palestine in 1911. The reporter is lost indeed... Even the British weren't in Palestine in 1911, their mandate started in 1923.

Nobody To fight the British and Jews actually comes from one of those would be Libyans. What about others? When have their parents arrived?

Nizo they don't elaborate... khara sensationalist reporting by a shitty small Lebanese channel that's a guppy compared to the big sharks AJ and Al-Arabiya.

Nobody I believe they are indeed Libyans. Though the first one probably came here just, you know... Don't know actually why. But it seems to me far fetched that Palestinians would make up such stories.

Nobody Lets say I think they are indeed originally Libyans and the docs are genuine. Whether all of them came here to join the fight against the Turks and European colonialists is open to doubt

Nizo I don't think they're making things up as much as they're playing up their ancestry at an opportune time. When I look at my hairy back in the mirror I wonder if I have Wookie ancestry, maybe I should be closely watching the events in Planet Kashyyyk lest there be an eventual Right of Return.

Nobody Yeah, it may be the case with some of them. Anyway, it's a very interesting story. If you get more information, let me know


Article in Arabic on Gaza's Libyans, one guy's father arrived in Palestine in 1940's with an Algerian wife.

Nobody And he came to fight us or the British?
8 hours ago ·

Nizo He came to fight you.. Here's another site from Libya this time saying Libyans went to fight the Jews and some stayed while others came back.مجاهدون-من-ليبيا-فى-فلسطين-1948/