Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exiled Syrian MP Calls for Revolution in Syria

Video of exiled Syrian MP Maamoun al-Homsi calling for Revolution in Syria: Put captions on to see my translation.

Who is Maamoun al-Homsi? from source:


Mamoun Al Homsi is a former Syrian MP who has lived in Lebanon since 2006. Before coming to Beirut, Al Homsi spent five years in prison as he was one of the first victims of the government crackdown against Damascus Spring Movement activists.
Goverment Relations:

Al Homsi spent his time in Beirut criticizing the Syrian government for stifling political opposition and signed the Beirut-Damascus Declaration, which called on Syria to recall its military force from Lebanon. Now, Al Homsi is facing deportation back to Syria, as his residency expired July 20th, 2010. He has been allowed to stay one more month in Lebanon, after which he will be forced to leave the country. If he is made to leave, he will likely face criminal charges for his criticism of President Bashar Al Assad and his regime."


Aviv said...

Can you explain what's up with the flags?

Nizo said...

He's wrapping himself up in his country's flag.. what more is there to it?