Sunday, January 16, 2011

Qaddafi Harasses Beggars

Convinced that the Libyan welfare state fulfils his people's every need, Qaddafi is embarrassed by Libyans begging in the streets. In this video, the colonel goes around town interrogating beggars, questioning their "Libyanness" and broadcasting it all on national tv.

Here's a translation of 3 of the exchanges with three different female beggars, one of whom he unveils with his own hands (pictured in top right corner)!

- - - - -


Old woman grasps and kisses the colonel's hands: "Brother Muamer, may you be victorious."

Qaddafi: "Pardon, where are you from?"

Old woman: I'm Libyan, and I'm not begging, I'm just hailing a cab"

Qaddafi sceptical but walks away: "hmm.. yeah right"

Old woman: "may you be victorious, victorious"

- - - - -


Qaddafi: "Are you Egyptian or Libyan?"

Woman: "Libyan, I swear to God"

Qaddafi lifts her veil to reveal her face: "uncover, come on, uncover"

He grabs her ID and inspects it

Qaddafi: "Don't you get a basic pension from the government?"

Woman: "Yes I do"

Qaddafi: "Then why do you beg?"

Woman: "For medication, not for me, for my son. "

Qaddafi: "You're not Libyan"

Woman: "I am Libyan!"

Woman turns hysterical and is calmed down by Qaddafi's aide who tells her: "calm down, enough, you are now talking to the leader, there is nobody above him, calm down"

Woman: "I swear this medication isn't available in the market, I'm begging so I can buy it for my son."

Qaddafi: "Why don't you get treatment for your son at one of the country's hospitals, it's free."

Woman: "I tried to take him to the hospital but they don't have the necessary medication. They gave me pills that didn't work. "

Qaddafi: "no, no, cannot be. In this country there are no beggars. Where did you come from?"

Woman: "Tripoli, I swear"

Qaddafi: "Every Libyan gets a state pension and gets medical treatment for free, why are you embarrassing us in front of the world? Do you have a husband? a son?"

Woman: "Yes I do"

Qaddafi: "What does he do for work?"

Woman: "He's sick"

Qaddafi: "and your husband?"

Woman: "he's sick as well"

Qaddafi: "They're all sick and they take the state pension then. Why do you beg despite the pensions?"

Woman: "They're not enough for the medication I swear to you"

Qaddafi keeps the woman ID

- - - - -


Qaddafi: "Are you Libyan or Egyptian?"

Woman while kissing his hand: "Libyan, I swear to Allah the Great"

Qaddafi: "Show me your ID"

Woman: "I don't have an ID"

Qaddafi: "Then you're not Libyan"

Woman: "I swear to Allah I'm Libyan"

Qaddafi: "Just tell me what country you come from"

Woman: "My husband is Libyan but I'm Tunisian. I have a sick daughter oh colonel. "

Qaddafi: "What does a sick daughter have to do with begging? medical treatment is free. "

Woman: "Please forgive me oh colonel"

Qaddafi: "Why should I forgive you when you embarrass us in front of people, now they say Libyans are begging. We're going to give you some money and send you back to Tunisia. Take her address. "

Woman: "No, why, my husband is Libyan"

Qaddafi: "What does he do for work?"

Woman: "In the postal service"

Qaddafi: "If your husband works how do you beg? and embarrass these people. Take down her address."


Lirun said...

wow.. clearly libya is awesome.. hes obviously gotten rid of all the thieves.. rapists.. murderers.. diseases.. ecological problems security issues.. diplomatic concerns.. and all qadafi has left to do is rid the streets of beggars.. personally..

well done..

Lirun said...

by the looks of the video - he might want to take a look at that traffic issue.. not looking good mrQ - the world is horrified by that traffic jam..

Anonymous said...

I have been inside the big Tripoli hospital visiting at the time my new Libyan friend There is nothing there No medicins no bedlinen just bedframes, if you want anything you need to bring it yourself and pay money for any useless medicins My firned had measles she would have died she was just a day away from death if we had not paid and brought her to our Company private hospital Joanne

Watch Twitter ! Gaddafi will go next ! There have been housing protests in Benghazi for 3 days in a row shops burning Gas stations are closed There are lawyers demonstrating in 1 hr in Benghazi Libya is boiling !!!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

From my childhood Caliph of Baghdad stories I remember where Caliph used to stroll around incognito and do some good deeds like giving money and stuff. This seems to be different somehow.

Lirun said...

to be honest i feel that the netanyahu reforms that shrunk my grandma's tiny little pension a few years ago are far worse..

idit said...

Poor people. They look so terrified.

Anonymous said...

With (what I would assume) little exposure to Libyan Arabic and even just Libyans in general, how did you even manage to understand this video, Nizo?

Nizo said...

Anonymous said...
With (what I would assume) little exposure to Libyan Arabic and even just Libyans in general, how did you even manage to understand this video, Nizo?

January 19, 2011 3:59 AM

It was surprisingly easy... tunisian/algerian/moroccan are all much more difficult for us Levantines.

jellybean said...

Gadhaffi is just plain mean to he's people. I mean sure it's a good to try and get rid of beggars but not in the way he's doing it. In a nicer way by giving them some money ot something.
don't blame the Lybians for wanting him to go...he's mean.
He's only making Libya more corrupt and harder to live in.