Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt's Iconic Comedian Backs Demonstrators

Adel Imam, typically close to Mubarak's regime, initially described the demonstrators as "people who hate Egypt" changes course and considers them as "his own children"

The essential:

Interviewer: On the subject of what's happening in Egypt, I'd like to ask about a statement attributed to you that made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter, which alleges that you have called the demonstrations "absurd, carried out by elements who hate Egypt"

Adel Imam denies the above and responds: "These youth should be listened to, when I look at the People's Assembly, all I see is elderly people, I don't see any youth"

"I'm happy with these youth, and the government should listen to their demands"

- - -

This leads me to the Arabic proverb of the day: اذا طاح الجمل كثروا الجزارين When the camel falls, the butchers multiply.


Andrew J. Brehm said...

Good proverb.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Bingo. I mean the proverb.

David All said...

That is a first-rate proverb and very accurate description of what is going on in Egypt. Another good proverb is about rats* leaving the sinking ship.

*including it seems the US Govt.