Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I Support Israel

- And how I’m putting my words into action.

We, the Palestinians, are the biggest benefactors of Israel’s generosity.

You heard me right.

Thanks to Israel, we the Palestinians, once a stagnant and forgotten mass of humanity on the edge of the Mediterranean, have been given an ethos, an identity, a life. We were orphans, abandoned by Arab siblings, left to fend for ourselves in a dangerous and inhospitable land where lives ended in either brutality or illness. And then they came, our oh-so-benevolent Semitic cousins who have travelled many miles from Europe, on a personal mission to look after our welfare.

What followed is a story like no other. One of love, compassion, selflessness.

Out of the sand, an oasis sprung forth. A state called Israel, a place where, we, the Palestinians would be given free access to health care and a myriad of other social benefits that citizens of neighbouring Arab states can only dream of.

Would have we ever learned to read and write, had it not been for Israel’s literacy campaigns?
What other state exempts its minority from military service, in an effort to give them a 3-year head-start in world-class universities?

Everywhere you look, Jewish caregivers are helping Palestinians manage every aspect of our lives. In Judea and Samaria, Palestinians are stopped at every juncture by a veritable army of good Samaritans. “Have you taken your vitamins” they ask, their voices heavy with concern. “Mrs. Barghouti, has your water broken yet? Please let us know, the ambulance is waiting to whisk you away”.

And then there’s democracy, sanitation, and electricity, and most importantly the state’s complimentary landscaping services. Indeed, in an effort to ensure the proliferation of superior architectural standards, unsafe structures are torn down free of charge, and the inhabitants encouraged to build again. Then there’s the massive sound barrier, a personal gift from one Palestinian-loving Israeli general, who saw it fit that no Arab would ever have trouble sleeping at night.

But the pièce de resistance is Gaza, a Palestinian city that is the lucky recipient of a massive makeover. If it’s not care packages that are being constantly dropped from the sky, it’s the team of nutritionists that work around the clock to ensure that those pampered Gazans receive just the right calorific intake to ensure bodies stay trim and tight, ready for those impromptu fashion-shoots where every Gazan is a model and every alley a catwalk.

- - - - -

Having read the above, oh dear readers, surely you are swept in a veritable trunami of emotions.

And so it's time to turn these feelings into concrete acts.

As a gesture of gratitude, I would like to raise funds for those living in Israel’s weak and vulnerable underbelly, those long-suffering inhabitants of Herziliya.

Please read my plea below and give generously.

Only $5,000 Can Feed and Clothe A Herziliya Family For A Week.

Avi Berger, was a successful V.P of Operations when his company’s head-office suddenly moved to Sderot. He and his wife, Talia, and their two kids were left behind.

The family is forced to live off a small trust fund and a stock portfolio showing almost no growth this last quarter. Their two children, Itai , 7 and Noa 13 have almost no disposable income.

The Bergers Need Your Help!

* Avi’s Volvo is 2 years old
* Noa’s ballet class is due for renewal
* Talia is forced to wear last year’s wardrobe

How Can You Help?

Your small donation can help return their life to normalcy. For only $5,000 a week, you can adopt this lovable Herziliya family and show them that someone cares.

Or if you prefer ,you can make a small donation that will still make a difference to their shattered lives. For example:

* Only $4,000 will send little Itai to tennis camp to work on his severely underdeveloped forehand
* Only $1,500 will allow Talia to continue purchasing bread containing 77 different imported grains and pulses.
* Only $3,500 will keep Noa out of group therapy and maintain her private sessions.

How Can You Be Sure That Your Money Will Accomplish Its Goal?

Easy. As soon as your payment is received, the Bergers will send you a personal e-mail thanking you for your contribution. Or if you prefer, they will make a DVD and send it to you.

* See Noa do underwater ballet!
* Watch Itai at Dressage!
* For an extra $7,000, their Thai cleaning lady will write as well.