Saturday, September 20, 2008

أنت إلهي

أنت إلهي
يا غلامي
لا تلومني
لو ارتجفت جنونا
حين رايت ردفك المخملي

يا غلامي
أنت إلهي
تستحق الركوع والسجودِ
فجراً عصراً وغروبِ

وا إلهي
إن ضعوا القيود حول معصمي
و دسوا السموم في دمي
و اطلقوا الرصاص في فمي

عزيمتي لن تنثني

و أمام إله غيرك
لن انحني

written by Nizo, Montréal, 20th September


Anonymous said...

I know enough Arabic to get the general gist of the poem. Would you be so kind to translate into either English or Hebrew?

Nizo said...

with pleasure:

You are my deity

Oh youth of mine
Do not blame me
If I shook with delirium
At the sight of your velvety buttocks

Oh youth of mine
You are my deity
Worthy of kneeling and prostration
At dawn, midday and sunset

Oh deity of mine
If they were to tie my wrists in fetters
and inject poisons into my body
and fire bullets into my mouth

my dedication to you would remain unbroken

and before deities other than yourself
- I shall not bow

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translation. Is the poem dedicated to someone in your life? One would naturally assume that given the high level of "dedication" in your poem.

I hope I'm not being too nosey.


Nizo said...

Quite the contrary, the person currently in my life is a total פלגמאט, let me tell you, he has the charisma of an expired dill pickle and the sex drive of a decaying, week-old goat carcass that even a cloud of starving crows have no interest in defiling.

So, after a particularly unsatisfactory night with my פלגמאט, I had to resort to pornography to satisfy my nefarious desires.

Behold! I fell on the posted photo.
I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I let go of my other pickle and proceeded to write a poem in the photo's honour.

Wallahi, I ask, how the masses aren't building temples to that man's perfectly round behind is beyond my comprehension.

عربي-أمريكي said...

تستحق الركوع والسجودِ"
فجراً عصراً وغروبِ"

typically, السجود منصوبة بالفتح لأنها معطوفة على مفعول به, so why is it مجرورة?

same thing goes for غروب which is معطوفة على ظرف مكان which is منصوب

Is there any reason for the quirky case? Or are you being artistically liberal for poetry's sake? :-)

Queer-Arab-American Linguist

Nizo said...

Re: artistically liberal

You're very kind in allowing me to save face.. :)

I was well aware of the "quirkiness" but assumed nobody would catch it. I told myself: "yallah ya walad, leave it that way for now until you find a better formulation and then you can change it surreptitiously while nobody was looking".

In my own defence though, I've heard and seen other poets be particularly imaginative on many an occasion - especially orally. So surely, in the name of streamlining the poem and hence facilitating the worship of this man's fantastically delectable مؤخرة, readers such as yourself will be clement enough to issue me a poetic visa.. I was after all, painfully منصوب as I wrote it (even for an hour or so afterwards).. surely you can relate and even sympathise at some level.. :)

Anonymous said...

You have good taste, btw