Saturday, February 9, 2008

ليس عندي غير...

إن تريدني خليلا
فاطمع في العذاب جيلا
فجيوبي خاويات
و صرت للدين حليلا

لا تظن ان عندي
من مياه الأرض نيلا
و لا تظن تحت ظلي
قصر فرعون جميلا

ليس عندي غير زبرٍ
اسمر اللون خميلا
يتريا من دُبرك غمزة
لكي يصبح طوله ميلا

لديه عينٌ ساهرتةٌ
لم تجد يوما مقيلا
كلما ودَعت دفئ ردفكَ
سكبت الدموع سبيلا
Written by Nizo, Montréal, 9th of February


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hmm... the brain says Photoshop, the heart says otherwise.

Anyway, my compliments - you have a nice place here. Mind if I link up to it?


Nizo said...

Link away. I'll do the same. There's always room in my links for cynicism and wit.

Anonymous said...

I can't read the poem (even though I used to hear my mom speaking Arabic pretty much every day), but even though I get the symbolic significance of the picture :-) I wanted to know if that is Moab, Utah. That whole area is the most beatiful part of the world I've ever been to.

Nizo said...

I have no idea where the mountain came from.. I just googled something phallic to go with my poem. I'm looking for a way to translate it without stripping it of meter, rhyme and pun. Easier said than done....