Saturday, November 3, 2007


احياناً اشتعل و يتفجر كل ما بداخلي
احياناً اتصرف كالمجنون
و اكسر كل ما اجده حولي
اكسر المرآة والأقداح
كل ذلك عندما احن لقدميك

اعلم ان كل شيئ جمعنا قد مات
و لكن عندما اتذكر فمك الرطب
و يشتعل بداخلي كل ما لا يمكن اشتعاله
و قبل ان تهدأ الحريق
يشتعل من جديد ركناً آخر

Written by Nizo, Montréal, 3rd of November


Forsoothsayer said...

i really feel you there...was thinking on that very topic today. why is that the lat part of a relationship to go?

increase font size.

Nizo said...

I tried ya FT but when I increase the font size the order of the words gets all jumbled..

but thanks for your words nonetheless... It's been over a year since it's over and I still haven't snapped out of emotional/physical purgatory.

كس امكم يا المصريين ... خربتوا بيتي
حرقتوا ديني


Noam said...

برافو يا نيزو. والله شاعر عجيب انت..

نورت الإنتبرت ;)

Noam said...

and as for tiny font woes, microscopic arabic in websites seems to be as common as the hair follicles on azam's derriere. can't think of a good reason why. i'd like to go ahead and blame the mossad.

any takers?

Nizo said...

تسلم تسلم


Anonymous said...

Walla Ya Ibn Ammi you touched me deeply. I generally do not like poetry but this ranks right there with Ibn Al-Roumi. I have been reading your blog for over a year now and yet to be disappointed. You have forced me to work on my Hebrew, which I started learning as an elementray school student in East Jerusalem in the 1970's; you put me to shame.

Nizo said...

عاش لسانك على هذه الكلمات يا قدسي و انشاالله دائماً يعجبك الموقع

Forsoothsayer said...

well, the dude i lust after is a jew, or the canadian sort, not a masri :) and he works with me! shoft el khara.

Abu Sa'ar said...

Dude, did your last post just disappear?

Anonymous said...

Nizo's post is still there, its just after the iran and refugee posts

Sorry to speak on your behalf Nizo but I know you're busy in Toronto this weekend... ooops did I just accidentaly reveal your whereabouts ;)

Forsoothsayer said...

how did u reorder ur posts like this? and leh?